On the fourth day, G‑d made the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars, to shed light upon the earth. And so He set a time for day and a time for night, a time for the week, the month, and the year, and a time for each of thel four seasons.

I have trouble with schedules and consistency. My fire within sometimes burns bright, and other times not at all. Or so it seems.

Based on the time my body entered this world, I’m a Scorpio, on the cusp. A libra according to my lunar sign. My ruling planet is Pluto.

Sometimes the Divine inspiration pulses and flows so quickly I become a gushing, fiery mess of creativity.

It can be beautiful but also a bit dangerous if not harnessed and understood.

And hours or days after the eruption, I am left dormant. A body moving about without the energy and spirit of previous days…wiped out, wanting so desparately for that energy and creativity to return.

I often felt hopeless, like that period of dormancy would last indefinitely. It was an ongoing struggle of what can be called ups and downs, ins and outs.

But, thank G-d, I have mostly learned to understand that while my body may be seem controlled things like diet, excercise, menstrual cycle, lunar cycle and stars, and the circumstances around me — I can actually control how I react.

But first, I must accept that there is a Higher Power working through me. I have to turn to that Power, as best as I can understand It.

And sometimes, or most times, I must turn to others who are also tuned into and seeking that Power.

So yes, while I do have periods of darkness and light, seasons of productivity and rest, my body doesn’t need to be knocked around by the external factors.

There is a beautiful internal light, part of the Infinite, that is always on, guiding me, if I allow it to.

Sometimes I forget, though, and turn to other things to gain insight and comfort. And that’s okay, as long as I remember where it all comes from.

Reliance on astrology, essential oils, hemp, CBD, healing stones, meditation, or other things could lead one to assume that nature has a life of its own, and that the healing objects or healers have powers independent of G‑d.

In fact, these are just manifestations of the Divine will.

This is why prayer is so important — using our voices in gratitude, praise and request.

The mundane seeks to convince us that life is dictated by the laws of nature. Prayer reminds us that nature is controlled by G‑d.

The message is clear: nature and its rules, including the stars and moon and other things, do exert an influence on our lives. It presents us with different, seemingly good or bad times and circumstances.

It imbues our character with certain traits and tendencies.

However, I must recognize and try to remember, when I am feeling controlled and pulled and affected by the world around me, that the ultimate power rests not with “nature,” but with the Creator of heaven and earth.

And that spark of creation and creativity burns within me, eternally. I just need to access it.

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